A country are not its rulers. It is not delimited by the coordinates of a map nor the distant figures that try to explain it, hanging from thick atlases, on shelves full of dust. A country is not understood with arid formulas, stereotypes or black legends. A country like Spain is more than all that. Much more

A country is its people. The people who dream, innovate, create and fight every day. The one who feels at home when he hears a language spoken by more than 567 million people around the world. The same ones that roar with the force of one hundred thousand lions when their anthem sounds and eleven men on foot of the field fit the jaw with desire to make history. Because that is what we have done with La Roja: History in capital letters. Two Eurocups and a consecutive world cup are the feat of a team that has won everything without anyone giving us anything along the way.

Our way of playing is a true reflection of who we are as a country: Strong and optimistic, capable of getting the best out of our football when the storm grows stronger. Cheerful and generous, always giving everything until the last minute of the game. Worthy in defeat and elegant in victory.

And in each pass, each play, each goal … they feel smells, tastes and essences of the earth that they long for. If we know something in Spain is about flavors: The one of the centenary olive trees of Jaén and the Iberian ham of the best dehesas, cured with wisdom and patience. The one of a paella with friends next to a celestial beach of the Levante or of some pinchos in some gastronomic cathedral of the North.

The taste of the tanned hands of a mother, a grandmother … a loved one, an Asturian stew or the brightness of your lover’s eyes, when drinking glasses with a red wine that they named Rioja. From the garden to the sea, from the mountains to the cities, it is our differences that make us unique. The ones that make us unbeatable. Those that make a Sevillian and a Catalan play in the same team, with the complicity of two kids who have grown together playing in the neighborhood, dreaming of eating the world

Inspired by this beautiful richness, we conceived El Gourmet De La Roja. Soak up the tradition of Spain as a gastronomic and sporting power, to bring a piece of our essence to your table. We are a country of legendary deeds: From the empire on which the sun never sets to the sublime beauty of a sonnet by Quevedo. From the value of the thirds to Cervantes dreaming of a knight fighting against windmills. From the perfection of Velázquez to the Picasso revolution. That creativity and courage is what inspires us to undertake this adventure, feeling as heirs of the best we have offered the world. Values ​​that are represented by all the brands that collaborate with Gourmet de la Roja. Signatures with products of the highest quality to carry the name of Spain to all the corners in which our Selection plays.

Because a country, in short, is what there is from the head to the feet of everyone who feels part of it. Beyond symbols, dates and anniversaries. Spain is that emotion that you feel when you read this. And it is the flavor of all the brands that make El Gourmet De La Roja possible. A dream where sport and gastronomy go hand in hand.

El Gourmet de la Roja

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