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El Gourmet de La Roja is a an official gastronomic project licensed by the Spanish Football Federation (the RFEF). It purpose is to publicise Spain’s gastronomic excellence through the values of football and our national team.

The passion of an entire country, reflected in the finest gourmet products.

Where the beautiful game and quality food and beverages go hand in hand.


We travel everywhere with the Spanish football team and we also organise private events. Just dream up an event and here at El Gourmet de La Roja we'll make it come true.


Discover the products that make up El Gourmet de La Roja. A selection of food products that reflect Spain's culinary diversity and splendour.

Our headquarters

Achieving gastronomic excellence takes the work of all members of our team. Discover our Food-Lab where we design individual dishes and meals.