The team

Belonging to El Gourmet de
La Roja means…

Being part
of La Roja

Your product will be represented wherever the Spanish team goes.

We are responsible for the logistics and food requirements in VIP suites at matches played by Spain’s national team.

We have a team of chefs to get the very best from all the products.

Your project,
going further..

In terms of gastronomy and advertising.

Because you will have an exclusive chance to use the brand image of El Gourmet de La Roja in your product design, containing elements from the Spanish national team.

We also have exclusive advertising sites such as pitchside boards, visible not only to match spectators, but TV viewers as well.

Join an exclusive
business group

Alongside some of the best food and beverage brands in the country.

We select some of the top companies in their industries that best represent Spain’s gastronomic excellence.

A group of companies working to grow together and take their products even further.

Opening new
horizons and

Because entering the world of football with the Spanish Football Federation means having the best possible travelling partner.

Our products are currently on sale to the public and in gourmet sections of stores at the RFEF’s facilities, as well as through online sales channels.

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If you’d like to form part of El Gourmet de La Roja; need us to advise you or organise an event for your brand; or if you have any other queries or suggestions, please fill in the form or write to us at: